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My Family Tree

Samuel Hepburn

mason of Castlefinn

1836 - 1913

HEPBURN_Saml_Mason_headshot-2_logo HEPBURN_David_Elliott_Headshot_logo INFANT_headshot_labelled MALE-headshot_labelled INFANT_headshot_labelled

Eleanor Elliott

1839 - 1912

MALE-headshot_labelled MALE-headshot_labelled

Andrew Hepburn

mason of Castlefinn

1795 - 1866

Andrew Hepburn


1858 - c1940s




1873 - 1914

James Marshall Hepburn I

1870 - 1953


Samuel Hepburn



1867 - c1950

David Elliott Hepburn

Baptist Minister

1866 - 1931



infant death

1861 - c1861

William Hepburn



1865 - 1948





1868 - 1929

James Marshall Hepburn II

1903 - 1963

George  Elliott Hepburn

mason of Castlefinn

1876 - 1936


Robert Marks


infant death

1879 - 1880

BH_old_photo HEPBURN_JHH_headshot_45

Bradley Jackson Sherwood Hepburn

James Hughes Hepburn

William Hepburn

mason of Raphoe

1772 - ?


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Samuel Hepburn, mason of Castlefinn, acquired the cottage at Sessiagh Allison from his father, Andrew Hepburn and had ten sons, eight of whom reached adulthood.


Most of the sons moved away from Castlefinn eventually ended up in Londonderry, Canada and the United States.


My great grandfather, James Marshall Hepburn I was one of the sons that left and he gained useful employment as a bricklayer in the growing cities of Manchester, England; Belfast, Ireland; Toronto, Canada and eventually Akron, Ohio.


His own son and namesake, James Marshall Hepburn II became a minister in the Salvation Army.


You can read about each of the above individuals on the Biographies page.

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