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Audio Clips

A rare audio clip recorded in 1951 of James M. Hepburn II (b. 1903) in conversation with his aging father James M.Hepburn I (b. 1870) during a visit to Scranton, Pennsylvania from Toronto, Canada.   Brig. James M. Hepburn gives the introductions...




Here they are talking about how James M.Hepburn I first became involved with The Salvation Army when it came to his home town of Castlefinn, Donegal in the 1880s.

There is also reference made to one of George Elliott Hepburn's daughters,

as well as to Mary Jane ('Minnie') and Ellen ('Nellie') Hepburn of Londonderry (the daughters of William Hepburn).




General chat with contributions from all present (6 min).

James M. Hepburn I talks with his son about bricklaying. Cousins Helen and Marjorie are mentioned (daughters of Rev. David Elliott Hepburn).



Daughter Nellie (Ellen Hepburn Prynn) and daughter-in-law Lily Jean (Hughes) Hepburn are asked to sing a short duet*.




James M. Hepburn II requests the group to an old church favourite "Yesterday, Today, Forever. Jesus is the Same"*. Daughter-in-law Lily Jean (Hughes) Hepburn accompanies on the mandolin.


Envoy Elmer Prynn                                        Brig. James M. Hepburn II

     Nellie (Hepburn) Prynn                                   Lily J. (Hughes) Hepburn

                 James M. Hepburn I     Janet (Watkin) Hepburn

* Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


Words: Albert B. Simpson, 1890.

Music: “Nyack,” James H. Burke