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About Me

I come from a long line of Donegal Scots-Irish Hepburns on my father's side. My great great grandfather Samuel Hepburn was a mason in the townsland of Sessiagh Allison, in Castlefinn, Co. Donegal.  


Samuel and his wife, Eleanor Elliott, had 10 sons (see my famly tree). I learned that there was significant information on each of these individuals if one searched in the right places and in the right way.


There has been some Donegal Hepburn information posted on various websites with significant inaccuracies or with information published without reference or context - as if it were fact. This misinformation too often led me on (sometimes very time-consuming and expensive) wild goose chases until I began researching and documenting original records myself in a systematic and verifiable way.


As much as possible I adhere to the National Genealogical Society's Genealogical Standards & Guidelines For Sound Genealogical Research and expect the same from others.


You will see in the Biographies section how I document and present my work. Each month I plan to add additional Biographies as they are developed.


I hope you find the information on this site useful in building your own family story. In all instances I try to make clear if my information is based on documentation or if it is an informed guess. I also try to give acknowledgment to the work done by other people. Please contact me if you find any errors, inconsistancies or if my information is not clear. Also please contact me if you are able to fill in any of the gaps!


Feel free to post any comments or questions on the Message Board page.  Thanks.  


Check in with the Biographies and the Info & Databases pages from time to time as I will be adding more downloads on a regular basis.


Brad Hepburn (February 2008).





This site has been developed by me (Brad Hepburn) about the history of Hepburns from north-east Donegal.  It aims to help discover more about that history by providing a contact point for everyone interested in Hepburns from Donegal and the neighbouring counties in Northern Ireland.  If you have an interest in Hepburn family history I hope you will enjoy the site.  


Although born in the United States, I have been living in London, England for the past 20 years and researching the Hepburn family name for about 15 years, tracing my ancestors back to 18th Century Ireland, Scotland and England. To date, I have records on 3893 Hepburns with an Irish connection.


All Hepburn births, marriages and deaths registered in the Irish General Records Office Index from 1845 to 1959 will be available to search in the Info & Databases section on this site. More listings and databases will be added in time...

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